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Charles Daniel
NZ Families

  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - The New Zealand families

The New Zealand families

  1. Charles Samuel
  2. Isabella Margaret
  3. Mary Elizabeth
  4. Frederick Knox
  5. William Knox
  6. Robert Knox
  7. Jane
  8. Arthur
  9. George Percival
  10. Helen
  11. Inez
  12. John Willis
  13. Alfred Henry
  14. Alice Maud Mary

It is not posible at this time to detail the individual family members as there are over 300 of them and this would take a huge amount of time not to mention paper. An outline of the family is included with the branch founder, the full details of the family members is included in the descendant listing at the back.

Where I have found obituary detail I have included this. Also if I have found some biographical information in some books I have read then this has been copied into this volume. As time progreses no doubt individual branches may wish to put together notes on members of their own branch members and if these are given to me then they will be included. Part of the problem in doing this is that it is my hope to be able to include a photo or two of each person so at least we are looking at a page per person and that could end up making this story over 300 pages long. I shudder to think that each time it is printed on my poor old printer it will consume more than a box of paper per isue and take about 3 hours to print so it seems that what is going to result is a book and that cannot be published till every one connected has had the opportunity to have some input!!!.

  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - The New Zealand families - 1

Charles Samuel DE CASTRO

BIRTH: BDM 1856 ref. 22
MARRIAGE: BDM 1909 REF. 2876.

He married Mis Cis Pike in Huntly aged 53. His Wife's full name is not yet recorded other than fact that in his obituary she is referred to as E. H. (Cis) de Castro.

CHILDREN: in death notice there is no mention of children. This suggests he was survived only by his wife. This to be confirmed by reference to death certificate.


de Castro:-On May 5 at Hamilton, Charles Samuel Knox,the dearly beloved husband of E.H.(Cis) de Castro of Huntly: Aged 77 years. A service will be held in St Pauls Anglican church Huntly, today (Friday), at 9.30 am, leaving afterwards for the Waikumete Cemetery for cremation. Friends please accept this intimation.


DE CASTRO The death occurred at Waikato Hospital today of Mr Charles Samuel Knox de Castro, a well-known resident of Huntly, at the age of 76 years. Born in Wellington, Mr de Castro had lived for over 30 years at Huntly, where for a long period he was engaged in survey work. He surveyed the Taupiri and Waerenga blocks in the early days, and was surveyor for Ralphs mine. Mr de Castro was closely asociated with St Pauls Anglican church at Huntly.

GENERAL: There must be more to this story Charles was born in 1856 he arrived in Huntly round 1900 at which time he was 50 years old. He married (for the first time ???) aged 53 when living in Huntly. Where he was for the 30 or so years of his working life before going to Huntly is not yet known.

There is a fable that states a relation of his father came over from the USA and acquired the family silver which was taken back to the USA and, some say lost by gambling, which ended up in a Museum in Philadelphia or Boston.

One wonders if Charles Knox in fact inherited the silver from his father and had it sent or took it to the USA?. His occupation as a surveyor should enable the mising 30 or so years to be traced once a source of information on early NZ surveyors is found. It would seem that his existence was not known by Keith de Castro who in his notes suggested he died young. It is posible he lost contact with the family or his brothers and sisters did not want contact with him?.

  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - The New Zealand families - 2

Isabella Margaret MORPETH (nee DE CASTRO)

BIRTH: BDM 1857 ref. 1743
This records the birth of an unnamed female de Castro. As all the other children are accounted for this is asumed to be the birth of Isabella. Perhaps the family had not decided on a name when registering?. Once this certificate is located then we shall know the exact date of birth and posibly the name.
MARRIAGE: BDM ref. 1880 ref. 1743.


MORPETH - DE CASTRO On the 1st September, at St Mark's Church, by the father of the bride, Thomas Sloan fifth son of the late H. Douglas Morpeth, Esq. of Auckland, to Isabella Margaret ("Tutu") eldest daughter of the Rev C.D. de Castro.


July 25th 1945. MRS T.S. MORPETH. The death occurred recently in Napier, of Mrs I.M. Morpeth, a well known resident of Auckland. Mrs Morpeth was the widow of the late Mr Thomas Sloan Morpeth, of Auckland, and the eldest daughter of the late Mrs and the Rev. C.D. de Castro, of Wellington. The surviving members of her family are Mr Hector Morpeth, Auckland; Mr Logan S. Morpeth, Kaitaia; Mrs V.H.Dicky, Kelburn; Mrs Charles Goldstone, Hastings; and Mrs W.P. Hughes, Blackpool, England. The funeral service was held at the residence of her daughter , Mrs Charles Goldstone, Hastings.

It is stated in the Morpeth book that when Thomas Sloan died in 1897 aged 41,his youngest child was 1 year old, his busines was carried on by his wife, brother-in-law, and bachelor brother, Robert George. It is not yet known which de Castro male asisted in the busines. As her youngest was but 1 year old I suggest her interest in the busines was financial rather than active.

Thomas Sloan MORPETH 1856 - 1897

Husband of (Isabella nee de Castro)

Thomas Sloan was born on Prince Edward Island and came out to NZ when his parents immigrated here on the Barquentine Prince Edward in 1858-1859. He was for a time a Government Auditor in Wellington where he met and married Isabella de Castro the eldest daughter of Charles Daniel and Isabella de Castro.

The Morpeth book states the family settled in Market Road, Remuera Auckland where they had 8 children during the next sixteen years, however from the obituary of the eldest child it would seem that one at least was born in Wellington.

Thomas Sloan started his own busines under the style of MORPETH BROS., as a receiving, forwarding, customs and shipping agent with premises on the then new Queen St Wharf.

He died aged 41 from apoplexy, and was buried at Purewa. In the Morpeth book is a photo reporting to show the Morpeth's Iron Shed at the bottom of Constitution Hill. If Aucklander's drove down Parnell rise and kept going without changing direction they would hit the spot where this shed was.

In the scrap book kept by his wife Isabella (held by Grant Harper) there are many obituary's, wedding, engagement and marriage notices covering the Morpeth, de Castro and related families, unfortunately Thomas Sloans Obituary is not among them.

Douglas Charles MORPETH 1882 - 1944

Eldest child of Thomas Sloan and Isabella Morpeth.
MARRIEDRose nee O'Brian.

The Morpeth book states he was Henry Douglas however It would seem that he was referred to as Douglas Charles, his obituary is under this name. His obituary gives a detailed account of his life.


Mr D.C. MORPETH The death occurred suddenly at Ohope on Sunday last of Mr Douglas Charles Morpeth a prominent and widely respected businesman of Whakatane and one who will be sadly mised by a wide circle of town and district friends. The late Mr Morpeth was born in Wellington in 1881, his parents being descendants of a well known family of settlers who had sailed from Prince Edward Island to the colony in their own boats. Shifting to Auckland, Mr Morpeth as a boy attended the Remuera School and later Kings College. He was a good all round athlete and was prominent in running, jumping and rugby football. As a young man he joined the staff of Mesrs John Burns Ltd and for a period represented the West End Rowing Club for several years in provincial regattas.
When only 19 years of age he travelled to America where he was employed by the Union Iron and Steel works at San Francisco. Here unfortunately he contracted malaria and returned to NZ where he joined his cousin, Mr Wilfred Morpeth, in 1903 in survey work in the King Country and Taranaki districts. At that time he was well known in sporting circles and became a prominent official and competitor at all local athletic and chopping carnivals. In partnership with Mr J.McClenaghan he next commenced in busines in Ohura but in 1911 decided that the open life appealed to him most and there for took up farming on the Coromandel Peninsula. For ten years he remained on the land carrying on a mixed sheep and cattle station, and entering into the administrative and social affairs of the district. He was elected to the Coromandel County Council for some years. In 1921 he sold his farm and opened a drapery establishment at Coromandel which he operated most succesfully for seven years. Disposing of this busines he moved his family to Helensville, North Auckland where he opened a similar busines. The succes which attended this venture was only offset by his failing health which necesitated extensive recuperative holidays and tours abroad. With his health partially restored he decided on re-commencing busines in the Bay of Plenty and to this end arrived in Whakatane in 1935 when the present well known drapery establishment on the Strand was opened. In spite of his impaired health Mr Morpeth built up a substantial and widely patronised busines. His retiring disposition in latter years was mainly due to his health but nevertheles his friendships were legion and his kindly nature and unfailing courtesy recognised by all who knew him.
Apart from his short stay in America and occasional trips to Australia he spent all his life in NZ. He leaves a widow and four children, Mrs Bryan Butler, Mesrs Rex and Alan Morpeth (Whakatane) and Pte Doug Morpeth, P.O.W. Another son Keith Sloan Morpeth made the supreme sacrifice during the fighting in Libya when he fell at Sidi Rezegh two years ago. There are six grand children.

Rex Thomas MORPETH 1909 -

Eldest son of Henry Douglas Charles Morpeth.
MARRIEDDaphine Hayson.

It is noted in the Morpeth book:

One of the leading figures in the community is the mayor (of Whakatane) Rex T Morpeth. Rex was brought up on his fathers dairy and sheep farm, and at the age of 15, he joined the Bank of New Zealand at Queen Street branch in Auckland. Inn 1935 his father started a family clothing busines in Whakatane, which Rex joined in 1939.
Five years later he was elected to the Borough Council, where he served until 1950. The next fifteen years saw considerable involvement in community, cultural and sporting organisations. These included the chamber of Commerce Executive, with three years as President, and six years on the Whakatane High School Board of Governors from 1951 - 1957, and President of the Whakatane Rotary Club 1056. In addition, he was also involved in the Bay of Plenty Catchment Commision, the Electrical Supply Asociation and is President of the local St Johns Ambulance Asociation. His sporting interests were rugby, rowing and golf and are reflected in his numerous sporting presidencies, I.E. the Whakatane Rowing Club 1948, Golf Club 1956 - 58, Bay of Plenty Golf Asociation 1958 - 1960, Eagles Golf Society 1960 -2. In 1962 Rex was re-elected to the Borough Council and became Mayor in 1965. In 1976 the Borough of Whakatane was merged with the County Council and became the Whakatane District Council. Rex continued as Mayor. In the Queens 1979 New Years Honours he was awarded the Queens Service Award for Public Services.
Rex Kenneth MORPETH 1931 -

Eldest son of Rex Thomas and Daphine Morpeth.

There were three children, Susan Anne (1959), Gillian Rose (1961, Rex Brett (1962))

Colin Douglas MORPETH 1934

2nd child of Rex Thomas and Daphine Morpeth

There were three children, Barry Gavin (1957), Julie Kerin (1959), Grant Rex (1959)

Brian Keith MORPETH 1939 -

3rd child of Rex Thomas and Daphine Morpeth

There were three children, Ian Douglas (1962), Gregory Lance (1964), Steven Brian (1967)

Leo Douglas MORPETH 1910 - 1966

2nd child of Douglas and Rose Morpeth
No marriage or other detail recorded.

Keith Sloan MORPETH 1912 -1942

3rd Child of Douglas and Rose Morpeth
Was Killed in action in World War 2. This was during the fighting in Libya when he fell at Sidi Rezegh.

No marriage or other detail recorded

Rona Isabel MORPETH 1914-

4th Child of Douglas and Rose Morpeth
Is recorded as married Bryan Butler. No other details held

Allan Hugh MORPETH 1916

5th Child of Douglas and Rose Morpeth
MARRIED: Pat W Cummings

Alan Keith John MORPETH 1943

Eldest child of Alan and Pat Morpeth
MARRIEDElizabeth York

Two children are recorded Alan Craig 1970 and David John 1972

John Micheal MORPETH 1944

2nd child of Alan and Pat Morpeth
MARRIEDJosephine Burndred

Two children are recorded Kim Linda 1969 and Tony Michael 1971

Graeme Patrick MORPETH 1945

3rd child of Alan and Pat Morpeth
MARRIED: Elizabeth Pearse

Three children are recorded Leanne Rose 1964, Shane Douglas 1966, Donna Louise 1970.

Douglas Charles MORPETH 1919

The 6th child of Douglas and Rose Morpeth
MARRIED: Veda Wooliams
No other details recorded.

William Harold MORPETH 1883 - 1893

The second child of Thomas Sloan and Isabella Morpeth.
Nothing is recorded other than his name and birth and death dates.
As he died aged 10 this can be expected.







  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - The New Zealand families - 3

Mary Elizabeth DE CASTRO

BIRTH: Born in 1858 BDM ref 1188
MARRIAGE: Mary Elizabeth did not marry.
DEATH:1876 BDM ref 1876 No 553 Aged 18.
BURIAL: Was buried in Bolton St plot 0404. This plot was destroyed by motorway. Interred in same plot was her mother Isabella

No other details of Elizabeth's life are recorded. What caused her early death will be found out when a copy of her death certificate is located.

  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - The New Zealand families - 4

Frederick Knox DE CASTRO

BIRTH: BDM 1860 ref 149.

DE CASTRO-HYDE.- On the 10th January at St Marks Church, by the father of the bridegroom, Frederick Knox second son of the Rev C.D. de Castro, to Louisa Mary Hyde fourth daughter of Joseph Hyde Esq, of Susex Square (Nelson).

  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - The New Zealand families - 5

William Knox DE CASTRO

NAME: The birth is registered in 1861
some have this incorrectly recorded as 1860. In the official birth register he is recorded as WILLIAM KNOX. It is posible he was registered as WILLIAM WARING KNOX but until a copy of the Birth certificate is obtained we shall no know. In all public references he is referred to as William Waring. I feel that while he was registered as William Knox when it came to his christening he may have been christened as William Wearing. The birth certificate will tell us.
BIRTH: 1861 ref 159

The West Coast Times of the 9th inst says:
All Saints Church was crowded yesterday afternoon the occasion being the wedding of MR W. W. de Castro, Deputy Register of the Supreme Court, to Mis Nellie Dixon, second Daughter of Mr. Dixon of the state School. The Bridegroom elect has made himself very popular in man in many ways, and has done yeoman service in the Volunteer company of which he is secretary. The bride has been in Hokitika for many years having come here when a child, and has endeared herself to many friends. The wedding party looked very bright; the bride was charmingly dresed in a handsome dres of ivory satin trimmed with broach and pearls, she had a wreath of myrtle and orange blosoms, covered with a white veil. Her sisters, Mis Dixon and Mis Annie and Carrie Dixon, were bridesmaids; Mis Dixon wore pale pink nuns veiling, and the youngest sisters striped canvas cloth, each carrying baskets of flowers. Mr Harle was groomsman, having come from Greymouth to support his friend on the trying occasion. The marriage service was conducted by the Rev. H.G.Gould, and as the party left the church Mrs Gould played the wedding march. The happy couple left in the afternoon for Kawahaka, intending to meet the Christchurch coach. They have our best wishes for their future happines.


DE CASTRO At the residence Monro Street, Blenheim, on October 26th 1933: William Waring, beloved husband of Helen Ratcliffe de Castro; in his 72nd year.

Murial Knox DE CASTRO
Margaret Helen DE CASTRO

  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - The New Zealand families - 6

Robert Knox DE CASTRO

BIRTH: BDM 1863 ref 192.

According to Mary Boyle Robert Knox did not marry, Mrs Boyle remembered him as a middle aged man, he ultimately lived with his sister Helen and William Goldstone in Frazer Town Wairoa H.B. No other details of Robert's life and times are yet known.

  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - The New Zealand families - 7


BIRTHBDM Birth ref 229 1865
MARRIAGEBDM: Marriage ref 2120 1891

BOOTH-DE CASTRO.- on 4th March, at St Marks Church, by the Rev. R. Coffey, John J. Booth, son of the late G.M. Booth, of Abbeyleix, Ireland, to Jennie, third daughter of the Rev. C.D. de Castro

DEATH: A copy of a certificate is held from USA. This was supplied by Bob de Castro of Blenheim. This tells us she had lived in the USA for 40 years at the time of her death, which suggests she moved to the USA in 1892/3 soon after her marriage, She had lived in California for 20 years and in Burkley for 2 years. She died of cancer. There is no record on the death certificate of any children.
There is a Doctors addres given on the certificate and in the vague hope that the practice still exists and in the even vaguer hope some records still exist a letter has been sent to see what we can find out. If this draws a blank then we shall revert to seeing if there was any notice in a local paper which can give some more detail and if this fails then we shall have to try the Official records. If there were children then it would be interesting to make some contact.

  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - The New Zealand families - 8


BIRTH: BDM 1867 REF 359
WEDDING: The following notice is in Isabella Morpeth's scrap book:

A glorious day for a wedding was the unanimous verdict of the very large congregation (mostly ladies of course) which filled Wesley Church Taranaki St at 11 o'clock this morning to witnes the making happy of four mortals. It was noticeable too that a goodly number of the "lords of creation" graced the ceremony with their presence. The contracting parties were Mr James William Black, of the Property Tax Department to Mis Emily Fletcher, and Mr Arthur de Castro, of the Government Life Insurance Department and son of the Rev C. de Castro, of Wellington, to Mis Edith Fletcher. The first bride is the second daughter of Mr Joseph Fletcher, of Salisbury-terrace, Wellington and the second bride the third daughter of the same gentleman, who gave them away at the alter. Both wore dreses of cream cashmere with, of course the usual veil and spray of orange blosom, and lady experts pronounced them to look really charming. The bridesmaids were the mises Becky and Winnie Fletcher, sisters of the brides, whilst Mr C. Ralph officiated as best man to Mr Black and Mr D. Kendall for the second bridegroom, Mr de Castro. The marriage service was a full choral one and was conducted by the Rev J.G. Chapman. After the register had been signed the happy quartet, attended by a long train pased up the aisle, the radiant faces of the congregation expresing their admiration and untold congratulations, whilst the organ pealed forth the joyous strain of Mendelsonhn's Wedding March. A large party partook of the breakfast at the residence of the brides parents. Presents were numerous, useful, and ornamental, and both bridegrooms were recipients of handsome gifts from officers of their respective departments. May peace prosperity and happines unalloyed attend their days.


ARTHUR de CASTRO. One of the oldest civil servants in New Zealand Mr Arthur de Castro, died in Napier this morning aged 89 years. His wife Mrs Edith de Castro, who was one of the founders of the English Speaking Union in Australia and New Zealand predeceased him a month ago. Born in Wellington in March, 1876, Mr de Castro was a son of the late Rev Charles Samuel and Mrs de Castro. He lived most of his life in Wellington. Mr de Castro joined the Public Trust Office when it first started and then transferred to the Government Life Insurance with which he was asociated for 40 years, retiring at the age of 56. Of a quiet disposition, Mr de Castro was a keen spectator of football and cricket. He has spent the last 20 years in Hastings. On Mr de Castro's retirement from the civil service, he and Mrs de Castro went to England where they lived for several years. Mr de Castro is survived by his son Mr Baron de Castro, Haumoana. He also leaves one sister, Mrs H. Eames, of Rangiora.

PHOTO: A photo exists in Isabella Morpeth's scrap book taken with is father as part of the staff of a Department (Public Trust Office?) dated 1882. He was aged 15.

Charles Baron DE CASTRO

  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - The New Zealand families - 9

George Percival DE CASTRO

BIRTH: 1868 REF 419

DE CASTRO-HYDE A Quiet wedding was celebrated at Nelson on the first inst when Mr George Percival de Castro, chemist and druggist of Paeroa, and sixth son of the Rev. C.D. de Castro, of Wellington, was united in marriage to Mis Gertrude M. Hyde, seventh daughter of Sergeant-Major Hyde, Nelson. The wedding ceremony, which took place at the residence of the brides father, and was witnesed by many near relatives, was performed by Rev. J.P. Kempthorne. Mr and Mrs de Castro will reside in Paeroa.

NOTE: The wedding took place in Tasman St in the living room because Mrs Hyde was very ill and indeed bid not live long after the wedding. June (de Castro) McHardy says that Gertrude had been engaged to some one else and when this broke up George was told to get to Nelson quickly to claim his bride.


Mr G.P. de Castro. An old resident of Paeroa, Mr George Percival de Castro, died on June 8. He was born in Wellington in 1868, being the sixth son of the late Rev Charles de Castro. It was in 1895 that Mr G.P. de Castro went to live in Paeroa. He had been trained as a chemist at Dunedin and afterwards was in Sydney for some time. Mr de Castro at one time was a member of the Paeroa Borough Council, and belonged to the local bowling club. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity and belonged to the Anglican Church. He was keenly interested in cricket and in golf. He is survived by his wife, and the following children: Dr L.R. de Castro, Te Kuiti; Mrs R.I. Hunter, of Auckland, and Mises R. and J. de Castro, of Paeroa.

NOTE: In the Isabella de Castro scrap book there is a newspaper clipping giving details of George Hunters birth. Hand written by Isabella is a note "Percy's eldest daughter. This suggests that George Percival was known by his brothers and sisters as Percy!


George Percival (Percy) served an apothecary apprenticeship under Mr W.C.Fitzgerald a chemist in Wellington and attended Otago University Dunedin for 18 months. In 1855 at the age of 20 he went to University in Sydney Auatralia where he trained and worked for 5 years passing his chemist and druggist examinations. He also gained a diploma entitling him to practice in any Australian State, New Zealans or South Africa.

Returning to New Zealand in 1863 he purchased J.A.Drummonds Pharmacy in Greymouth. He sold this in 1895 and aged 27 moved to Paeroa and purchased the pharmacy of J.W.Hill which had been established 3 years earlier.

Known as "Geo de Castro Chemist" this business flourished under his ownership for 35 years. For a number of years he operated a branch in Waihi.

On 1sr December 1896 he married Gertrude Margaret Hyde in the living room of her parents home in Tasman Street Nelso. Her mother Elisa was very ill at this time and died soon after.

Meryl June (June) de castro (Carr-Smith) McHardy relates that Margret had been engaged to a solicitor who absconded with Company funds, the engagement was broken off and a friend sent Percy a telegram which in essence said "now is your chance deCastro..get to Nelson post haste and claim your bride".

June also relates the Margaret was up a tree in the orchard when he arrived and she would not get down because she might "show her ankle" Also it is reported that Margaret's eldest sister Emily hid behind the piano in the parlor and overheard the whole proposal.

Shortly after their marriage the Pharmacy was extensively rebuilt and incorporated into it was a new building that also becam their home. The pharmacy occupied the front down stairs and opened onto the main street, the remainder of the down stairs was a kitchen and very large dining room with a fire. The entrance hall and front door opened to the south.

Upstairs consisted of the bedrooms, a large sitting room, and enclosed sunporch. The rear of the property was across from the Domain, the Band Routunda. The back section held a shed for stores.

Most of the  pharmacy back wall contained a huge set of mahogany wall draws (now in Paeroa museum) each draw labled in Latin with its contents. June remembers a large flat box containing dozens of glass eyes of all colours and a row of pestel and morters.

Mr de Castro also developed films and special envelopes were printed for these. The signiture theme of the pharmacy were two very large (meters high) glass chemist jars (red and blue) in the front window. These were very well known in the district. All the glass jars for the raw materials for manufacturing his drugs, lotions and potions were also labled with the shops name and the contents in latin. Some of these exist in the Museum.

(The family and museum would like to trace other examples)

George Percival was a member of the Paeoa Borough Counvil (1925-27) a foundation member of the Paeroa Bowling Club (President 1910 - 1911) an enthuisastic cricketer and also an active member of the Paeroa and Ohinemutu Golf Clubs. He was active in church affairs and attended St Pauls and was its vestery secretary for a number of years. He was also a member of the Masonic Lodge (Ohinemutu)

He died on June 8th 1930 after developing heart problems and was cremated in Auckland.

His wife Gertrude Margaret and those members of the family still at home moved very shortley after his death to Auckland. The business was sold to the Leigh Family.

Mrs de Castro lived alone for many years in Courtville Flats in Parliament Street, Auckland, she was an accomplished artist and painted until near her death aged 93. She was always fit and regal and to her grand children was in essence a grand "grandmother" most can remember chasing after her in hat, gloves and silver top walking stick as she seemed to shoot down to Queen Street always pausing to provide those following with sweets

She lived her final 4 years with her daughter June.

Leopold Ransford DE CASTRO
Meryl June DE CASTRO

  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - The New Zealand families - 10


Needs confirmation but by elimination Helen was called Nellie


  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - The New Zealand families - 11


BIRTH: 1871 REF 510
MARRIAGE: BDM 1892 REF 3936.

Isabella Mary EAMES
Alfred Barnaby EAMES
Inez Marjorie EAMES

  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - The New Zealand families - 12

John Willis DE CASTRO

BIRTH: BDM 1873 REF 143

Mr John Willis de Castro whose death occurred on Saturday was born at Wellington 81 years ago. He had resided in Masterton for the past 58 years. He was employed by Mesrs Levin & Co for over 40 years, during most of that time as a country representative. He retired in 1938 but during the war years he returned to asist the firm owing to its shortage of staff. He was a member of the Masterton Bowling Club, of St Matthew's Church vestry and of the Church of England Men's Society. He is survived by his wife and two sons, Mr D. de Castro of Christchurch and Mr H.W. de Castro of Tauranga The funeral will take place tomorrow. A service will be held at St Matthew's Church Masterton, at 11 m, followed by cremation at Karori at 2 p.m. On copy of son Douglas birth certificate John Willis is noted as being a farmer.

Douglas Gordon DE CASTRO

  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - The New Zealand families - 13

Alfred Henry DE CASTRO

BIRTH: BDM 1875 REF 653
GENERAL: Lived in Blenheim

John Alfred DE CASTRO

  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - The New Zealand families - 14

Alice Maud Mary WORTLEY (nee DE CASTRO)

BIRTH: BDM 1877 REF 296

The wedding of Mis Alice M.M. de Castro, daughter of the late Rev de Castro, and sister of Mr G.P. De Castro, of Paeroa, to Mr Charles Wortley of Leicestershire (England) was solemnised at St Paul's Church, Paeroa on Tuesday, the service being full coral. She was attended by Mises R. Edwards and M. Morpeth and Mr C. Coote was the groomsman. The couple spend their honeymoon at Rotor, and afterwards go to Sydney to settle.

NOTE: Hand written against the marriage notice in Isabella Morpeth's scrap book is the note that the marriage took place on 31st August 1903. This is followed by a note " Poor Maud died on Sept 7th 1906 in Sydney from acute pleurisy leaves a girl and baby boy after only 3 years married and was very happy."

NOTE: As the wedding took place in Paeroa and George Percival is mentioned it is asumed that Alice had been living with George and Gertrude de Castro.

Renn Wortley of Australia has added to the information we have.

Charles Wortley was the son of John Storry and Mary Ann (Lunn) Wortley. Charles had a younger brother Henry. Charles and Henry had a violent disagreement and the rift was never settled.

It is reported that Charles departed at some time for America. From subsequent events he came to New Zealand and met and married Alice Maud as reported above he was 25 at the time. The bride and groom settled in Sydney Australia where in 1905 Ngawini was born followed by Sydney in 1906.

From the information to hand it is probable that complications following Sydney's birth caused Alice's death.

In 1907 Charles Wortley again married this time to one Maud M Leahy and from that union two additional children were born Ruth in 1908 and Charles (Jnr) in 1910.

The family moved to the USA and at some time the second Mrs Wortley died as when Charles Wortley 9Snr) died in 1916 it is said he left his children as orphans. A parson adopted the two boys Sydney and Charles and the parson's sisters adopted the two girls Ngawini and Ruth. The girls were in San Francisco and it is not clear where the boys were. Charles 9Jnr) died aged 17 in 1927.

In 1931 Ngawini wrote from the USA to her Uncle Henry who was the Leeds District Manager for the County Fire Office asking if she could get married from his home at 58 Ridge End Villas, Healingly, Leeds.

Phyllis her cousin, daughter of Henry then ages 18 acted as bridesmaid. The bridegroom was Jesse Gilbert Swift the son of a person of the same name and described as a paper merchant of North Scituate Massachusetts USA. They had a son Charles Swift born in 1932

Ngawini died in 1972 and according to the USA Social Security Death Index her last residence was 20906 Silver Spring, Montgomery, Maryland.

At this point we have no further knowledge as to what happened to Ngawini's brother Sydney or the son Charles.

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