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English Families
Charles Daniel,Edward,Mary

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Sarah Rebecca SHADGETT (nee DE CASTRO) 1802-1859

BORN: 23 July 1802
DIED: 23 January 1859.

She married a John Shadgett. She is buried at Kensal Green Cemetery, London on in January 1859. No other details are known.

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Samuel DE CASTRO 1804-1851

BORN: 14th April 1804
DIED: 10 Sept 1851

This is the ancestor of the New Zealand branch of the family as his son Charles came to New Zealand.

Little is currently known about him except he is said to have been a pharmacist and a founder of the English Pharmaceutical Society. One expects that there would be some record of his activity held in the early records of this society.

On one tree there is an odd note to the effect that when he died he did so on the door step of a Doctor in London. Why this should be recorded is not known.

He married Mary RANSFORD (who was born in 1870) on 9th March 1831 at Saint James church Bristol and they had 3 children. For the Carr-Smith family this is an interesting connection as the Smiths part of their family are to a large extent all recorded as being christened, married and buried from Saint James.

As it is intended to visit this Church the records held will be examined to see what can be found of the Ransfords.

As Mary's brother and wife died in that town then this is posibly where the Ransford family originated from. One interesting thing about the surname Ransford is that at this time no origins of that surname can be found in any reference book which is odd. The nearest in the Oxford Dictionary is Rainford which was also spelt as Rainsford. At some time some details of this family should be looked for. From her brother Oliver who married Samuel's sister Henrietta there are reports there were two children named for their parents, their may be some surviving descendants who could be traced who could throw some light on this family.

The family of this couple will be covered later.

As Samuel's wife Mary died on 11th February 1835 and the daughter Mary was born on 2nd February 1835 then it can be supposed that she died of complications following the birth of her daughter. The daughter was named for her mother.

Mary (the daughter)married the reverend John Thomas Willis and it is reported they had 4 daughters , Mary, Elizabeth, Gertrude and Rebecca. We have at this date no knowledge of these girls marrying. If as suggested earlier that Leo de Castro obtained his family tree and other objects from two of these girls and they were spinsters then we asume two at least did not marry. When time permits this family could be followed up.

After Samuel's wife Mary died Samuel re-married one Elizabeth Mary. DAVIS. This was in June 1836. other than this fact and that she died on the 9th January 1865 aged 75 we know nothing about this person who mothered Charles and Mary. Some sources state she was born in 1810 but if she died aged 75 in 1865 this would not have been posible. The fact that Charles Daniel and his sister Mary were 3 years and 9 days old when their mother died leaves no doubt why Samuel married a year later. The fact that she could have been almost 14 years older than her husband would posibly explain why there were no children from the second marriage. Again it should in time be reasonably easy to trace some record of the marriage and death of this person

I have been told there is a suggestion that Elizabeth was in fact originally the family house keeper, but there is no supporting evidence

There is little chance of finding any other details unles there was an obituary

  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - The children of Daniel and Rebecca - 3

Daniel DE CASTRO 1806-1867

BORN: 13th may 1806
DIED: 27th July 1867

He married twice first to Jane Roberts and second to a Mrs Minchener. We shall come to his family later as these two were the parents of the remaining English families.

It is interesting that on the main family trees that have come from England that were originated by Paul Lopes de Castro that there is no mention of the second marriage to Mary F. Minchener or the child Charlotte de Castro who married a Mr Dunn.

On the Leo de Castro tree Jane Roberts the first wife was recorded as Jane Roberts Mortlake. The reference to Mortlake could be the place she came from, or part of her family name. In one tree it is suggested that Mortlake was the name of a 3rd wife, however this is probably incorrect given the fact that his second wife died in 1886 and he died in 1867.

There would seem to be some confusion in this area that needs sorting out.

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Charlotte Ithamar DE CASTRO 1809-1817

BORN: 14th January 1809
DIED: 19th Sept 1817

She was buried at Warfield on 28th Sept 1817. She was only 8 when she died.

When I visited Warfield in 1999 there were very few grave stones still in place in the church yard. The parish secretary advised the registers were at the Parish head office in Redding an could be viewed there. We did not have the time.

  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - The children of Daniel and Rebecca - 5

Henrietta RANSFORD (nee DE CASTRO)1812-1840

BORN: 5th November 1812
DIED: 27th January 1840

She died at Bristol

She married Oliver Ransford, brother of Mary Ransford who married our ancestor Samuel. They are said to have had two children Oliver and Henrietta. No other details are known.

  De Castro Story - The Principal Family Lines - The children of Daniel and Rebecca - 6

Elizabeth DE CASTRO 1816-1843

Elizabeth was the last child of Daniel and Rebecca.

BORN: 4th November 1816
DIED: 15th March 1843

She died at Hammersmith aged 27. It is not known if she married or had any children. It should be noted her father was also living at Hammersmith when he died. A search of the local cemetery could turn up the necesary records.

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